In a YouTube video posted Monday, British actor and model Zander Hodgson talked publicly for the first time about his sexuality.

In a 10-minute video, Hodgson explained that he had wanted to discuss the subject with his fans for a while.

“I brought you guys here to talk about something really important to me,” he said in the video titled “Zander's IMPORTANT MESSAGE.”

“It's been something that I've wanted to share with everyone for a while now, but it's been one thing after the other that has got in the way of me being able to speak up about it.”

"This is something that I thought was important to do for my own growth, for myself, to be unashamed, to connect to others, to connect to you more.”

“I wanted to tell everyone that I am gay, and although that doesn't change anything for me, and hopefully not for you, I just thought it was a really important thing to share with everyone,” he said.

Hodgson, who played a gay hustler in an episode of Showtime's Ray Donovan, is best known for his appearances on British series such as Eastenders and Shameless.

The 27-year-old added that he wanted to come out to let kids who are being bullied or are struggling with their sexuality know that they are not alone.

More than 92,600 people follow Hodgson on Instragram.