A drag queen known by day as Father Anthony to his congregation has come out gay with a hit dance single.

Big Mama Capretta's new video Big Mama's House is currently at 25 on the U.S. Billboard Club Play dance chart and has been viewed over 57,000 times on the video sharing website YouTube.

“It's Big Mama y'all!,” Father Anthony, also known as Vincent Capretta, says in a statement. “And I am no longer afraid to come out of the closet as a gay Catholic priest!”

“Thank you everyone for buying, playing, and charting Big Mama's House. I am living proof that a person can do anything they set their mind to. We have to love and enjoy ourselves in this world. And, I am enjoying my life being who I am and who God intended me to be!” Capretta says, then adds, “Now, let's DANCE y'all!”

Capretta ministers to his flock at Thee Manor of Lady Jane Grey chapel in Columbus, Ohio.

Religious bloggers immediately pounced on Capretta's Catholic claims. “The good news is that he's not a Roman Catholic,” Rod Dreher said in blog post at beliefnet.com, “but a priest of the Old Catholic order, a tiny sect not in communion with Rome.”

“He's been wanting to be a star all his life,” a former friend who asked to remain anonymous told On Top Magazine.