Australian actor-singer Keiynan Lonsdale talks coming out in a Gay Times cover story.

Lonsdale, 26, who came out bisexual in an emotional Instagram post last year, plays Abraham “Bram” Greenfeld in the gay teen romantic comedy Love, Simon. He's said that he was inspired to come out while filming the movie.

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In his Gay Times cover interview, Lonsdale says he identifies as queer.

“I suppose if anything, I would identify as queer – that feels the most accurate,” Lonsdale said. “My sexuality used to be all I could think about, and now it barely crosses my mind, which is cool. I think in the future we will get to a place where we are just human and there are no made up rules for how or who we should love, but for now it’s amazing and crucial to have a community and words that represent the journey to rainbow freedom.”

Lonsdale described how he decided to come out.

“I finally accepted myself, but at the same time I was still wrestling with shame for my sexuality. I knew I wanted to come out publicly but I was pretty against doing it online. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it. Then one night when I couldn’t sleep, I opened my phone and it randomly had my notes app up and within five minutes I had written the post and shared it to Instagram. It was possibly the coolest decision of my life to date,” he said.

He added that being out has improved his career. “It's just easier overall. Ideas and inspiration flow better, colors are brighter, I make bolder choices, and there's less time wasted on pretending to be something I'm not,” Lonsdale said.