Openly gay House members have chided President Obama over his defense of the federal Defense of Marriage Ban (DOMA).

On Tuesday, three openly gay representatives, Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin), Jared Polis (D-Colorado) and Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts), joined the growing chorus of anger against the Obama administration's outdated defense of DOMA, the law that allows states to ignore legal gay marriages performed elsewhere and defines marriage as a heterosexual union for federal agencies. The administration's defense came in a brief against a gay couple who have sued the federal government, claiming the law is unconstitutional. Candidate Obama called DOMA “abhorrent,” and promised the gay and lesbian community he would work to repeal it.

While Baldwin remained reserved, saying she was “disappointed … particularly coming from this administration,” Polis' tone was more cross.

“My sadness turned to outrage when I read the Justice Department's brief that not only defended this hurtful law but seemed to embrace it. Comparing my loving relationship with my partner, Marlon [Reis], to incest was unconscionable coming from a president who has called for change,” Polis said in a press release issued Tuesday.

“The Obama administration made a HUGE mistake in the DOMA brief. If they keep making mistakes like this they risk losing the support of the GLBT community forever,” Polis said, then added, “although I do not believe we are at that point yet.”

Baldwin was more generous, “I still take President Obama at his word that he is committed to the repeal of DOMA.”

Polis and Frank said they have called on the president to explain himself.

“I think the administration made a big mistake,” Frank told the Boston Herald. “The wording they use was inappropriate.”

“I've been in touch with the White House and I'm hoping the president will make clear these were not his views,” the sixty-nine-year-old lawmaker added.

The statements come five days after news of the brief became public Thursday night.

The three gay House members co-chair a June 26 Democratic Party gay and lesbian fundraiser featuring Vice President Joe Biden as keynote speaker. The fundraiser is under fire by gay bloggers who have called for a boycott, arguing the Democratic Party is undeserving of gay money.