PBS' Independent Lens series airs Director Johnny Symmon's 2008 documentary that explores the military's ban on open gay service, Ask Not.

The film, which premiered last June at the Provincetown International Film Festival, focuses its lens on the true national and human costs of “don't ask, don't tell,” the 1993 law conceived as a compromise by the Clinton administration that prescribes discharge as the remedy for gay and lesbian service members who do not remain closeted or celibate. Since then, 12,000 GLBT soldiers have been discharged under the policy.

Ask Not delivers compelling reasons on the failure of the policy – a group of young gays attempt to enlist openly, interviews with veterans expose hidden flaws, and a video diary from a closeted soldier as he heads off to Iraq vividly unmasks the pain of the policy – making it a must see film.

During the campaign, President Obama promised gay and lesbian supporters he would repeal the law.

Since then, gay groups have grown disillusioned with the president who insists he's a “fierce gay advocate” but hesitates to engage on the issue. The president could halt discharges with an executive order, gay groups say.

Ask Not premieres on PBS starting Tuesday, check your local listings for exact time.

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