As the big screen adaption of Land of the Lost opens nationwide, seventies teen heartthrob and star of the original TV series Wesley Eure is talking for the first time about his sexuality.

In an interview with, Eure spoke candidly about the Hollywood closet of the 70's, his affair with Richard Chamberlain and being fired for being gay.

“I got fired from Days of Our Lives for being gay,” Eure said.

“I knew Fox and NBC were run by gay men at the time, but what was odd about the industry at the time, it was amazing how the gay men were perpetuating the damage.”

“It was a horrible time in Hollywood, being gay. It was horrible. I was on the cover of Tiger Beat and all those a lot, and they'd do those 'Win a Date With Wesley' and 'Who's Wesley Dating?' It was so disingenuous,” he said.

On dating Richard Chamberlain, Eure said their affair lasted about a year.

“Richard and I had a great time together,” Eure recalled. “When it was over, it was enormously sad. I was brokenhearted. I remember we broke up and I was on Days of Our Lives, I couldn't stop shaking. I was crying so hard.”

Eure, who played teenage son Will in the original Lost TV series, filmed a cameo for the movie adaptation which was cut when the ending was changed.

At 57, the former heartthrob is happily partnered (to a mysterious former Yankee player named Richard) and living in Palm Springs, California, where he's become an established AIDS and breast cancer charities fundraiser.

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