Mississippi's Supreme Court ruled last week that a woman has parental rights to the child her ex-wife gave birth to when they were married.

Christina “Chris” Strickland and Kimberly Day used an anonymous sperm donor to conceive their child, Zayden Strickland, now 6.

A lower court ruled that the unknown sperm donor has parental rights and awarded sole custody to Day, the child's birth mother, the AP reported.

“I'm on cloud nine right now,” Strickland told the AP. “I knew I was my son's mother from the start and I would be at the end and this just confirms it with the Supreme Court backing me 100 percent.”

All nine of the high court's justices found flaws in the lower court's ruling.

“At bottom, to deny Christina the relationship she has built with Z.S. would be a miscarriage of justice,” Associate Justice David Ishee wrote in an opinion joined by three other judges.

In arguing before the court, Attorney Beth Littrell said that Zayden “needs to have a legal relationship to both people who brought him into the world and who he knows and understands to be his only parents, not some anonymous sperm donor.”

Littrell argued that her client was being treated differently because she was a lesbian and that the Supreme Court's 2015 landmark ruling in Obergefell – which found that gay and lesbian couples have a constitutional right to marry – ordered equal treatment for married same-sex couples.

Day's lawyers argued that Strickland failed to pursue legal options that would have bolstered her parental rights during divorce proceedings.