On Saturday's season 2 premiere of TLC's Nate and Jeremiah By Design, married couple Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent talk about having two kids under the age of 3.

The couple added their second child, Oskar Michael Brent-Berkus, on Monday, March 26. Their daughter, Poppy, is three years old.

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In the show's first episode, the couple reveals that they worried about the stress that accompanies a growing family.

“Anything right now that's uncertain with us on the precipice of having another child just stresses me out on another level,” Brent, 33, tells Berkus, 46.

“We've kind of gotten into this beautiful rhythm with Poppy, the three of us with this cute synergy. And that's all about to shift. The baby will bring their own energy and dynamic to the house. But we're all excited about it,” Brent tells the audience.

Berkus later jokes with his husband.. “[Poppy's] running around the house like she owns it. She's you with long hair.”