In an interview with British LGBT glossy Attitude, actor Clark Moore said that he's “never had the privilege of passing as straight.”

Moore plays out and proud Ethan in the film Love, Simon, which opened this weekend in England. The movie from out director Greg Berlanti follows 17-year-old Simon (played by Nick Robinson) as he begins a correspondence with another closeted teen.

“Unlike Simon, I've never had the privilege of passing as straight,” Moore said.

“Because of my mannerisms, my body type, and I was blessed with my mother's face and a higher voice, people always think I'm a woman anyway! I’ve never really been able to hide that aspect of my identity, it’s always been there and I worry that I won’t get the opportunity to break beyond gay roles.”

"But I think the other thing that’s really important is that we have to use this opportunity, we have to tell all these different stories. Not every story has to come back to love, not every story depends on a person’s sexuality. I just hope that there are future roles where I’m able to play a variety of characters regardless of sexual orientation,” he said.