Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family has confirmed that it continues to support efforts to alter the sexuality and gender identity of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people.

In 2009, Focus on the Family sold its “ex-gay” ministry Love Won Out to Exodus International. Four years later, the ministry apologized for the harm it had caused LGBT people and acknowledged that its mission – to “cure” LGBT people of their sexuality or gender identity – was based on a hollow promise.

HBO's Last Week Tonight host John Oliver used Vice President Mike Pence's association with Focus on the Family to illustrate the vice president's opposition to LGBT rights. Pence's wife and daughter will pitch their children's book about the family's pet rabbit, Marlon Bundo, at an event next week organized by Focus on the Family.

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In responding to Oliver's take down, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly called Oliver's screed “vulgar and vile in every sense of the word and way.”

“This past Sunday night, John Oliver was incensed over Focus on the Family’s 40 year history of supporting a traditional and biblical sexual ethic” Daly wrote in an op-ed. “In particular, the host took issue with our belief that those with unwanted same-sex attraction should be free to pursue counseling, if that is their desire. Of course, millions of Christians and even non-Christians hold to this standard, but Mr. Oliver disagrees and his seething reaction to our ministry’s position was palpable.”

Paul Batura, vice president of communications at Focus on the Family, said in an email to Westword that the organization supports “counseling and the availability of professional therapy options for unwanted homosexual attractions and behavior,” but does not endorse one particular approach.

At an event last year celebrating Focus on the Family's 40th anniversary, Vice President Mike Pence promised the group it had an “unwavering ally” in President Donald Trump.