In an interview with LGBT glossy OUT, actor Clark Moore discussed coming out.

Moore plays out and proud Ethan in the film Love, Simon. The movie from out director Greg Berlanti follows 17-year-old Simon (played by Nick Robinson) as he begins a correspondence with another closeted teen.

Moore called Ethan a “fun kid” and “arguably the smartest person in the room at any time.”

“But as a result of fully expressing himself, he gets picked on a lot. So I think Simon is partially afraid to come out because he sees these interactions Ethan is going through,” Moore said.

When asked about his own coming out, Moore said that he came out to supportive parents in junior high.

“I had a blessed high school experience,” Moore said. “I came out in junior high and was surrounded by friends who loved me and my parents were very supportive and always made it clear that they loved me first and foremost.”

“It’s still arguably one of the hardest things that we, as gay people or LGBT people who are marginalized or otherized, have to do in our entire lives. There’s no way to explain that sheer terror that you’re filled with when you’re in the closet. Then you come out and everyone’s looking at you like you’ve changed. Even if they’re looking at you in a supportive way, they’re still seeing you wholly and fully for the first time. You have to make yourself really vulnerable to do it and people that don’t go through that just don’t understand,” he added.

Love, Simon is in theaters now.