Fox's animated series Family Guy addressed Stewie's sexuality in Sunday's episode titled Send in Stewie, Please.

In the episode, out British actor Sir Ian McKellen guest stars as Doctor Cecil Pritchfield. Stewie is sent to see Dr. Pritchfield after he pushes a classmate down a flight of stairs.

“I only pushed Tyler down the stairs because I like him and I’m afraid he won’t like me back,” Stewie tells Dr. Pritchfield. “And not like him, like him. I’m not gay. This whole thing isn’t because I’m gay so calm down, I can already see you licking your chops. I’m sure you live for the ‘coming out’ sessions. If anything, I’m less gay than I used to be, not that anybody at this school would care. But do I think that Grant Gustin and I would make the most adorable Instagram couple? Yes, yes we would.”

“Grant Gustin plays The Flash on the CW if you were wondering because, you know most people over 70 probably don’t know who he is. Think young Anthony Perkins.”

“Anyway, fluid is something I hear being tossed around,” Stewie continues. “But I'm confident in my heterosexuality. That's a word, right?”

Writer Gay Janetti told TVLine that Stewie's “awareness of his sexuality is this uncertain thing, and that needs to stay as it is.”

“But if you read between the lines, it's not that difficult to decipher. He's not even sure 'heterosexual' is a real word!” Janetti said.

Revealed in the episode is that Stewie is faking his British accent.

“It felt truthful that somebody who didn’t feel like he fit in would create an artificial personality. To an extent, that’s what he’s done. And then to have Ian’s character – the one person he’s sharing this big secret with – not even hear the difference was another fun opportunity. It felt like a good way to show Stewie’s insecurities in a way that felt truthful to the history of the series,” Janetti said.

In a 2009 interview, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane outed Stewie, telling Playboy that Stewie “will be gay or a very unhappy repressed heterosexual.”