Jennifer Garner says in a new interview that she cried the first time she read the coming out scene in Love, Simon.

In the teen romantic comedy from out director Greg Berlanti, 17-year-old Simon (played by Nick Robinson) comes out gay to his mother (Garner) and father (Josh Duhamel).

“These last few years, it's almost like I could feel you holding your breath,” she tells a teary-eyed Simon. “You can finally exhale, Simon.”

When asked how the scene made her feel the first time she read it, Garner, 45, answered that she cried.

“I cried. I thought about a friend of mine who had come out to me when we were young,” Garner told Pride Source. “I just thought about that moment, and that I hope I had a tiny ounce of wisdom then.”

Garner also said that her “closest friends growing up” were a gay male couple.

Love, Simon opens on Friday, March 16.