Daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Patricia Arquette are among the celebrities who have pledged to avoid travel to Bermuda after lawmakers there repealed same-sex marriage.

Gay and lesbian couples in the British overseas territory gained marriage equality in May after a judge ruled in favor of gay couples seeking to marry.

Lawmakers in February reversed the decision, approving a bill that recognizes the unions of gay couples with domestic partnerships, not marriage. Heterosexual couples can either marry or enter a domestic partnership.

“Bermuda just banned marriage equality,” DeGeneres tweeted. “I guess I'm canceling my trip. Anybody else?”

Arquette accepted the offer, messaging: “Bermuda just overturned marriage equality. Boycott #Bermuda.”

Canadian pop duo Tegan and Sara retweeted DeGeneres' tweet along with a link to a crowd funding campaign to raise money for a legal challenge to the marriage law.

“Thinking of our friends in the LGBTQ community in Bermuda,” the sisters wrote. “'Bermuda is the first country in the world to remove the right to marry for gay and lesbian couples.' Learn more here and consider supporting the fight for justice and equality.”