Andy Cohen is single again.

“Yes, I am single again,” Cohen told Entertainment Tonight.

The 49-year-old Cohen was dating Brazilian Harvard University grad student Clifton Dassuncao. The pair, who kept their romance low-key, were photographed once while vacationing together in 2016.

Cohen, who routinely grills celebrities about their personal lives as the host of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, refused to divulge any details, saying that he “didn't sign up for a reality show,” a reference to his The Real Housewives franchise.

When asked what's he's looking for in a man, Cohen answered: “Someone who's very independent, someone who has their own thing going on. … Maybe someone who's never seen The Real Housewives.”

He joked that he was looking for his “Jew-FK, Jr,” a reference to John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Cohen is the current host of Love Connection, Fox's revival of the 80's dating game show.