In an interview published Saturday with Newsweek, Olympian and reality star Caitlyn Jenner called President Donald Trump's administration the “worst” thing to happen to the transgender community.

“As far as trans issues, this administration has been the worst ever,” Jenner said.

“They've set our community back 20 years, easily. It's going to be hard to change, but we've been through these types of things before and we'll continue to fight it,” she said.

Jenner, a Republican who has said she voted for Trump and has appeared in public wearing a hat with the president's “Make America Great Again” slogan, was not initially a supporter of Trump's campaign, backing Republican Senator Ted Cruz's bid for the White House. Jenner acknowledged that Democrats are better on LGBT rights, but added that she supports Republicans because “if we don't have a country, [then] we don't have trans issues” and floated the idea of being a “trans ambassador to the president of the United States.”

She criticized Trump after he revoked an Obama-era rule that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice – calling the move a “disaster” – and ordered the Pentagon to prohibit transgender people from serving in the military.

Jenner also told Newsweek that she has not spoken with Trump and that he needs to “do a better job when it comes to equality.”