Alan Cumming's latest film project, After Louie, will open March 30 in New York.

According to Deadline Hollywood, the debut feature film from artist-AIDS activist Vincent Gagliostro has also been acquired by Freestyle Digital Media, a VOD distributor.

In the film, Cumming, who is openly bisexual, plays Sam, an artist living in New York who lived through the early years of the AIDS epidemic. An ACT UP activist, Sam is struggling with survivor's guilty when he meets Braeden (played by Zachary Booth), a much younger man. The ensuing relationship reawakens Sam. Booth is best known for playing Michael Hewes on FX's Damages.

Deadline writes that After Louie “honors the history of the gay rights movement and the progress that's been made via a wicked sense of humor and a big heart.”

Cumming is best known to American audiences for his portrayal of Eli Gold in the CBS legal drama The Good Wife. He returns to CBS on Sunday, March 18 with the premiere of Instinct, in which he plays an openly gay CIA agent searching for a serial killer.

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