According to a leaked memo obtained by the Huffington Post, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is seeking to remove anti-discrimination language from its mission statement.

The department's current mission statement promises to build “sustainable communities” that are “inclusive” and “free from discrimination.” The memo recommends removing the phrase “free from discrimination” and inserting language promoting “self-sufficiency.”

According to the report, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, a vocal opponent of LGBT rights, was involved in crafting the new statement.

HUD confirmed in a tweet that it was seeking to make “modest changes” to its mission statement.

“As in previous Administrations, HUD is considering modest changes to the Department's mission statement to make it a more clear and concise expression of the historic work this agency performs on behalf of the American people. You can be sure of one thing – any mission statement for this Department will embody the principle of fairness as a central element of everything that we do. HUD has been, is now, and will always be committed to ensuring inclusive housing, free from discrimination for all Americans,” the department said.

The leak comes just days after People For the American Way filed suit against two federal agencies, including HUD, demanding the release of documents related to reported changes in federal policy toward LGBT people.”

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