What happens when you combine trashy sexual energy, gay culture and a hip hop vibe? Cazwell who recently busted out his debut album upon us is just such an artist.

Get Into It is a short album with only seven original tracks, plus three re-mixes. But in those seven tracks you will find a sweet little gem of danceable sleaze. Lyrics such as, “I eat that ass like a cannibal.” and “There's nothing I like more than foreskin, I drop my chin so I can fit it all in.” make Cazwell a filthy rapper, yet somehow he manages to pull off the act and in the end we still find him lovable.

The album cover art accurately conveys what you're about to experience: Cazwell dressed in an unbuttoned, bright pink and yellow tiled shirt is pictured holding a retro, yellow eight-track player. And inside, Get Into It offers bright sounds, trashy hip-hop lyrics, and a retro vibe.

"All Over Your Face" by Cazwell

On “I Buy My Socks On 14th Street” Cazwell rhymes about jerking off on his webcam and used condoms to a funky, danceable beat. On “All Over Your Face”, a sleazy funk-rock rework of the 1980's disco classic “It's All Over My Face” by Loose Joints, Cazwell offers a lyric-visual of raunchy pre-AIDS sex in New York City. “I was trying to paint a picture of New York in the '70s,” Cazwell says on his website, “like I'm getting it on with a hooker in a hotel room, and make it all sound like one big, dirty cum shot.”

Get Into It also offers guest appearances by Avenue D on “The Sex That I Need” and by transsexual bombshell model Amanda Lepore on the title track “Get Into It.”

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