The New Hampshire Legislature has failed to pass an amended gay marriage bill, but efforts to kill the bill also failed, reports the Union Leader.

Senators approved a new gay marriage bill that included the religious exemptions that Governor John Lynch had sought but House members balked at the idea.

The divided House turned down the bill in a 188 to 186 vote, but also refused to kill the bill. Members then voted 207 to 168 to ask the Senate for a compromise.

Gay marriage opponents say Lynch's religious protections don't go far enough, and claim that the Democratic governor has broken his promise. Lynch sided with opponents on the issue, saying he believed marriage is between a man and a woman, but when the bill arrived on his desk he agreed to sign it on the condition that the Legislature increase protections for churches and their employees.

Opponents have advocated for vendor protections that would allow businesses not associated with the church, such as florists and wedding photographers, to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples based on their religious beliefs. The new bill, however, stopped short of providing such protections.