An Oklahoma pastor has blamed school shootings, hurricanes and acts of terrorism on marriage equality.

Pastor Bill Ledbetter of Fairview Baptist Church in Durant, Oklahoma made the comments during a sermon on the floor of the Oklahoma Senate on Thursday morning.

Ledbetter spoke at the invitation of Senator Josh Brecheen, a Republican from Coalgate.

“Do we really believe that we can tell God to get lost from our school and our halls of legislation and there be no response?” said Ledbetter, who spoke for roughly 15 minutes. “Do we really believe we can redefine marriage from the word of God to something in our own minds and there not be a response?”

According to News 4, several lawmakers walked out during the prayer.

Democrats have called on Ledbetter to apologize.

Troy Stevenson, executive director of LGBT rights advocate Freedom Oklahoma, called Ledbetter's sermon “disgusting.”

“This was about bigotry and vitriol and hatred and further division in our society," said Stevenson. "It's not just awful because it insults marriage equality, it's awful because he is invoking the name of dead teenagers and victims of horrible crimes around the country, and using that to further a political agenda. It's disgusting."