James Corden, the host of CBS' The Late Late Show, says in a new interview that he's very proud of his show's response to President Donald Trump's ban on transgender troops.

Trump first proposed the ban on Twitter, then asked the Pentagon to implement it. Opponents have temporarily blocked implementation through the courts.

In response, Corden performed a parody to the classic song “L-O-V-E” titled “L-G-B-T.”

“How is their disruption worse than Trump's corruption?” Corden sings dressed in a tuxedo. “Trump wants to seem like a manly man, overcompensating for his tiny hands. Trans vets might be nervous, but we thank you for your service. We have love for all of you. LGBT we love all of you.”

Speaking to UK LGBT glossy Attitude, Corden, 39, called the parody “one of the biggest political points we've made as a reaction to something currently happening under the Trump administration.”

“What we always try to do is to think, ‘What is our show’s point of view on this?’ Because you can stand up and make a statement or you can sit on a desk and make a statement but we’re thinking, ‘What is the way that our show can do that?'” Corden said.

“It was so well written. As soon as [the writer] told us at 11am, it was a scramble to record it, find a studio, dancers, a tux, an old-style Sixties bandstand with LGBT on it.”

“I was very proud of it,” he added.