The 16-year-old suspect in the so-called “gay slay” of New York City radio journalist George Weber is claiming he was victimized, reports the Gay City News.

“He's absolutely the victim, morally, he's the victim,” said Jeffrey T. Schwartz, John Katehis attorney, following a May 8 court appearance.

Police nabbed Katehis on March 24, a Tuesday, four days after officials believe Weber was stabbed to death. Weber was found dead on Sunday – his ankles bound with duct tape and the walls of his Brooklyn apartment splattered with blood.

Officials allege that Weber, 47, and Katehis met online at when the teen responded to a personals ad posted by Weber looking for Hispanic men into rough sex. The pair met and agreed to return to Weber's home.

Katehis told police that Weber gave him some beer and cocaine, which made him “jumpy.” The two had agreed on a $60 fee in exchange for rough sex that included smothering Weber.

In a written statement to police, Katehis claims he accidentally killed the journalist. The pair were in the bedroom, and while he was binding Weber's legs with duct tape, Weber took out a knife from his pocket.

“He took it out just to show it to me, but I got nervous and grabbed the knife. I was able to turn the knife back toward George and push it towards him, accidentally stabbing him in the neck,” Katehis wrote.

Authorities claim Weber was stabbed about 50 times, including in his head, his neck, the front and rear of his torso, his arms and his hands. Police say the cuts to his hands suggest Weber might have attempted to fight off his attacker. Katehis' online profile at suggests the teen had a knife fetish.

Schwartz called the incident a sexual assault due to Katehis being under the age of consent – 17 in New York – and claimed he was the victim.

“As a matter of law, it was a sexual assault,” Schwartz told reporters. “He had an absolute right to defend himself.”

Katehis is facing up to life in prison if convicted on a second-degree murder charge. He remains in custody on Rikers Island.