America, get ready for the average gays.

ABC has picked up a new half-hour comedy that may herald the era of the ordinary gay.

Modern Family – formerly known as My American Family – will premiere in the fall, according to Variety. The single-lens, documentary style show revolves around the lives of three families living in Chicago. Modern Family features a traditional family, one that includes a sixty-year-old man who becomes a stepfather after marrying a Latina thirty years his junior, and the third is a gay male couple who have just adopted a Vietnamese baby.

Hollywood has a long history of portraying gays and lesbians as exceptional creatures of fabulous talent, wealth, good taste and physical prowess. The lesbians who pussyfoot about on Showtime's L Word and the pure fantasy of a sizzling Pittsburgh gay scene of hunky men and easy sex depicted in Queer As Folk are just the latest incarnations of this archetype.

But Modern Family producers aim to dispel such fanciful notions. Their gay couple includes average Joe Jesse Tyler Ferguson (The Class) and teddy-bearish Eric Stonestreet (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation).

Is America ready for mundane gay heroes, ABC asks.

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