Singer-songwriter David Crosby has criticized President Donald Trump.

The 76-year-old Crosby was a founding member of the Byrds and Crosby, Stills & Nash. He kicks off his North American solo tour this May in Tulsa.

In comments to Variety, Crosby described Trump as a “buffoon” who has turned back American progress.

“That’s due to this president being an absolute scab of a human being,” Crosby said. “He has encouraged gay haters and racists in this country to think it’s OK. That’s a really nightmarish thing to have happen. We thought we were making progress in this country. We thought, ‘Wow, look at this wonderful guy, Barack Obama, who is now our president. He’s a black guy, really intelligent and a class act. We love him and we think it’s going forward.’”

“[Then] we get this buffoon of a president who thinks women are just p–ies to be grabbed. A disgusting human being. It is discouraging. We really did think we were making progress. We will again when we get rid of this bunch. We have to fix Congress. We have to beat them in the next election and take Congress back, and then we can start fixing America.”

“This guy who’s the president now is a horror show. He’s a badly behaved child,” he said.

Crosby added that the U.S. government represents special interests such as the NRA and other corporations, rather than the people, but that students rallying for stricter gun control laws had given him reasons to hope.

“Those kids are convinced they can make a difference and they’re going to,” Crosby said. “They’re absolutely fearless and they’re wonderful. They’re the hope of this country. They’re standing up for the truth and they’re holding politicians accountable in spite of the fact that what the NRA has paid politicians is crazy. What is it, $33 million they put into their pockets this year? Their Congress is bought and these kids are not going to stand for that. They are going to raise hell and I am going to help them.”

He said that he'd like to see Trump impeached.