Queer Eye star Karamo Brown says he experienced homophobia while filming the Netflix makeover show.

Netflix announced in January that it would produce a “reimagined” Queer Eye. Netflix premiered the reality series featuring five openly gay stylists on Wednesday, February 7.

Brown, 39, told UK LGBT glossy Attitude that he was called a “fag” on the street while filming the show in Georgia.

“I'm a touchy guy. I was holding hands with another cast mate, Jonathan [Van Ness], who is the same way, so we would hold hands all the time. And the first time we were walking down the street holding hands a woman was like: 'Ugh, it's so disgusting these fags'. And I hear it, and in those moments I can either ignore it or try and give her a teachable moment,” Brown said.

“I just turned to her and said: 'I don't know why you would say that about people who aren't bothering you, but I hope you have a great day.'”

"She just looked appalled and then said: 'Oh I'm sorry' and started stumbling because the normal reaction would be to hit her back with more hate and I decided not to,” he added.