In an interview with Australian media, out singer Adam Lambert talked about Freddie Mercury.

Lambert and the remaining members of Queen, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, are currently touring in Australia.

Freddie Mercury, Queen's original frontman, died 26 years ago on November 24, 1991 of complications due to AIDS.

“Freddie and I would get along,” Lambert told Studio 10's Angela Bishop. “That's what they say. They say that we probably would get a kick out of each other. And I definitely think I share his flare for the drama and the theatricality and the silly. You know, I mean, Freddie had a great sense of humor – from his antics onstage to the way he dressed.”

“I think it's been a really important thing to also establish that I'm not trying to be him. And I'm not doing an impersonation. And I'm not doing it the way he did it, but I'd like to think sometimes I try to take on the spirit in which he got onstage.”

Bishop pointed out that Mercury was a “victim of the times” and was unable to come out.

“He was very outspoken, kind of matter of fact, so it would be interesting to see how he would be now, 'cause I think he would be sort of an open book,” Lambert responded.