Gays for Trump founder Peter Boykin on Monday announced his campaign for a North Carolina House seat.

Boykin is running as a Republican in his bid to unseat incumbent state Representative Amos Quick, an African-American Democrat who serves the 58th district. Quick was first elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives in 2015.

“I've been telling people that in order to make change in the GOP and make sure we are making America great again we have to get involved,” Boykin told Triad City Beat. “It's important that we get involved in midterms when voting is so low.”

Boykin and his husband David Smith, who is African-American, followed President Donald Trump as he campaigned for the White House. At campaign rallies, they would wear Make America Great Again hats and rainbow-colored “Gays for Trump” t-shirts.

Boykin is organizing this weekend's second annual March 4 Trump in Washington. Last June, he hosted the Raleigh March Against Sharia, which was organized by Act for America. The group is described as an “anti-Muslim hate group” by the Southern Poverty law Center.

Boykin told Triad City Beat that he's not disappointed in Trump's record on LGBT issues, including the president's proposed ban on transgender troops, which has been temporarily blocked by courts.

“It was more of an economic thing to make sure the military didn't pay for the transgender surgeries, which are elective,” he said.