Two Mississippi State University students on Monday sued a Mississippi college town over its denial of a permit for an LGBT Pride parade.

Bailey McDaniel and Emily Turner filed the federal lawsuit against the city of Starkville on Monday, the AP reported.

Last week, Aldermen voted 4-3 to deny the event permit after hearing testimony from 18 people, two of whom spoke against the permit citing religious objections.

“The city banned plaintiffs from speaking in a public forum solely because it disagreed with the viewpoint and content of their speech,” the lawsuit states. “That hostility to their message was inextricably intertwined with hostility to their LGBT identity and pro-LGBT advocacy.”

McDaniel and Turner are being represented by Roberta Kaplan, the civil rights attorney who represented Edie Windsor before the Supreme Court in her challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the federal law that prohibited federal agencies from recognizing the legal marriages of same-sex couples. She also represented plaintiffs who challenged Mississippi's ban on same-sex marriage.

The four aldermen who voted against the permit have refused to explain their decision.

According to the lawsuit, consideration of the women's permit was treated differently than dozens of other special event applications approved in recent years.

“This difference in process is strong evidence of viewpoint bias,” the lawsuit states.