Interviewed together on Friday, Olympians Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy talked about being out at the Winter Games in South Korea.

Figure skater Rippon helped Team USA take home a bronze medal in Pyeongchang. Shortly after he medaled at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Kenworthy came out gay on the cover of ESPN the Magazine. Kenworthy and Rippon have criticized the White House's selection of Vice President Mike Pence to lead the 2018 U.S. Olympic delegation. Pence is opposed to LGBT rights, including marriage equality.

“I feel that Mike Pence doesn't stand for anything that I was taught when I grew up,” Rippon said. “I think that it's important if you're given the platform to speak up for those who don't have a voice.”

“I was offered a phone call with the vice president that I decided not to take before the games. … I didn't take the phone call because I needed to focus on the competition.”

“But to be clear,” NBC's Craig Melvin said, “you did just say, if the vice president were to call now, you would take the phone call?”

“Totally,” Rippon answered.

Kenworthy pushed back against criticism that kissing his boyfriend, actor Matthew Wilkas (Gayby), at the Winter Olympics was too much.

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“Well, my entire life, in movies and commercials, in public, everywhere, you see straight heterosexual love, and that's completely fine because it's normal,” Kenworthy said. “But us also showing the same type of affection isn't shoving in your face. It's just us existing.”

Kenworthy added that being closeted at the 2014 games didn't allow him to “appreciate” the medal that he won.