Hollywood producer Dustin Lance Black says he'll respond to critics of gay parenting with “an example of strength and love.”

On Valentine's Day, Black and his husband, Olympic diver Tom Daley, shared the news that they were having a baby.

The couple posted a photo of themselves on Instagram and Twitter holding an ultrasound image of their child with the caption “HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! [heart emoji, two-dad family emoji, heart emoji]”

The couple met in 2013 and married last May.

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The couple's decision to start a family was panned by some users on social media. Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn also criticized the couple, asking readers to “pass the sick bag” and claiming that gay parenting was “not normal.”

LGBT rights advocate GLAAD responded with a call for advertisers to pull their advertising from the Daily Mail over the column's publication.

The Daily Mail has defended Littlejohn, stating that it is not “homophobic to ask whether it is right to deny a child the love of its own mother.”

“It is very sad that any advertiser should give way to bullying by a tiny group of politically motivated internet trolls in their attempts to censor newspapers with which they disagree,” the paper said in a statement.

Black responded to the couple's critics in an Instagram post.

“My reaction to others' hate, bigotry & misinformation will not include anger or hate,” he captioned a photo of the couple swimming, their arms extended to form the shape of a heart. “For me, the path forward is lit with curiosity, listening, correcting the record when possible, and as best I can, leading with an example of strength & love.”