Six South Carolina House Republicans have filed a bill that would classify same-sex unions as “parody marriages.”

According to The State, the bill was filed on February15, the day after Valentine's Day.

The Marriage and Constitutional Restoration Act defines “parody marriage” as any union that does not involve a man and a woman and “prohibits the state from respecting, endorsing, or recognizing any 'parody marriage' policy or policies that treat sexual orientation as a suspect class; and for other purposes.”

The bill also states that heterosexual marriage is “natural, neutral and noncontroversial, unlike parody forms of marriage.”

The bill was referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

State Representative Steven Wayne Long, a Republican from Boiling Springs, first proposed the bill.

“It's true that people can do whatever they want in their own homes but they can't force that on the state,” Long told WACH FOX News.

Jeff March of SC Pride called the bill “pure prejudice.”

“We're not trying to impersonate anyone here. We are trying to be the equal of everyone here. It's written with hate. I can't imagine there are state officials that put this in writing,” March said.