An Alabama high school disciplined a female student after she asked another girl out to the prom during a talent show.

Janizia Ross, a 17-year-old student at Alexandria High School, was given an in-school suspension for being “rebellious,” reported.

Ross' mother, Jeanise Ross-Walton, told the AP that her daughter made a poster with the word “prom” and a rainbow-colored question mark. She said that her daughter was given permission to display the sign, but the permission was later revoked. Unaware of this change, the student hosting the show called Ross to the stage and she went ahead with the proposal as planned.

“This was harmless,” Ross-Walton said, adding that she believes her daughter was disciplined because it was a same-sex proposal.

The student who ran the show was also suspended.

Alexandria High School Principal Mack Holley told the Anniston Star that Ross was disciplined because the school does not allow prom proposals at school events. He added that he had previously banned a marriage proposal involving a heterosexual couple at a school event.

The former student who made the proposal, Hunter Borders, said that while it was true that he was told he could not propose to the girl during a school event, he was not disciplined for going ahead with his plan.