Former Tennessee state Senator Mae Beavers on Tuesday suspended her campaign for governor of Tennessee.

“Today after much deliberation, I am suspending my campaign for the office of governor of the great state of Tennessee,” Beavers, who was seeking the GOP gubernatorial nomination, said in a Facebook post.

“After criss-crossing the state and meeting thousands of fellow Tennesseans, it was not a light decision to make because you have embraced our conservative message whole-heartedly,” she added.

Beavers thanked supporters and said that she would retire from politics.

According to the Tennessean, Beavers' campaign, which kicked off in June, was plagued with financial woes.

A staunch conservative, Beavers, who served in the Senate since 2002, last year introduced bills that sought to restrict transgender bathroom access and ban same-sex marriage in Tennessee. In February, Beavers and Rep. Mark Pody, also a Republican, walked out of their own press conference rather than face protesters opposed to their marriage bill.

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