Former NFL player Esera Tuaolo will host the first ever Super Bowl “inclusion party.”

The 49-year-old Tuaolo played defensive tackle in the NFL for ten years. In 2002, after retiring from sports, Tuaolo announced his sexuality on HBO's Real Sports. He has two children, twins Mitchell and Michele. He competed last fall in NBC's The Voice.

The event, which takes place Wednesday, January 31 at The Pourhouse in Minneapolis, is promoted by organizers as a yearly event which “brings the football and LGBT communities closer together while raising support for diversity and anti-bullying organizations.” The NFL is an official sponsor of the event.

Tuaolo talked to GLAAD about the event.

“My hope is that the 'inclusion party' will set an example for other professional sports as well,” he said. “We have seen many players come out but it's obviously not all of them. I believe that events like this lead by example and I hope young people will feel empowered by the message this event sends to the nation.”

He added that support has been “pleasantly overwhelming.”