Josh Weed, the married Mormon who came out gay in 2012, announced Thursday that he's divorcing his wife.

“Today, we need to let you know that Lolly and I are divorcing,” the couple said in a blog post.

Josh's coming out post led to national attention, including a profile on ABC's Nightline. An episode of VH1's docu-series I'm Married to a … took a look at how the Weeds made their seemingly contradictory marriage work.

They maintained that their love was real and Josh insisted that he was sexually attracted to this wife.

“When Lolly and I are being intimate sexually, I'm not thinking about men,” Josh said on the VH1 program. “In fact I can't, it ruins the experience for me. After ten years of marriage and her being my primary sexual partner, I find her to be sexually attractive.”

“Plus, I bring it,” Lolly added.

In announcing their divorce, Josh explained that after the death of his mother and learning about “the beauty and legitimacy” of his sexual orientation that he “simply was unable to authentically engage in heterosexual sex again.”

The Weeds also apologized to the LGBT community, saying that they were sorry for the ways their post “has been used to bully others” and made it easier for people to reject others because of their sexual orientation.

Criticism of the couple centered around Josh's work as a family therapist. An online bio notes that he enjoys “helping those with sexual identity issues and unwanted sexual attractions and/or behaviors.”

In his own post, Josh said that he “subconsciously saw [himself] as different” from other gay men. “I am no different than you, and any degree to which I held on to the idea that I could be gay without being gay was, I see now, a manifestation of lingering internalized homophobia born of decades of being told this part of me was evil.”

The Weeds, who've been romantically involved since college, have four children.