In a new interview with LGBT glossy The Advocate, figure skater Adam Rippon says that being gay is not a “lifestyle choice.”

The 28-year-old Rippon, who came out as gay to Skating magazine in 2015, is one of just a handful of out athletes heading to next month's Olympic Winter Games in South Korea.

In the interview, Rippon said that he found it “silly” that his sexuality could negatively affect his sports career, though he admitted that being queer can lead to discrimination.

“People felt maybe the judges would not push somebody who was openly gay,” he said of being publicly out. “I thought all of it was kind of silly.”

“There's still laws that say you can discriminate against an LGBT person because it's 'against your religion.' Still, you don't have complete freedom in some places.”

“I don't want people to say we like Adam and we’re OK with his lifestyle choice,” he added. “A lifestyle choice is buying a jacket or having a fun pair of shoes. That’s a choice, but being gay is part of who I am.”