Video has surfaced on social media of Heath Ledger responding to people who called Brokeback Mountain's gay romance “disgusting.”

Ledger was found dead from an accidental overdose in his New York apartment on January 22, 2008. He was 28.

Ledger's performance as rancher Ennis Del Mar in Ang Lee's 2005 gay drama Brokeback Mountain won him legions of fans and numerous awards, including an Oscar best actor nomination.

Brokeback Mountain, based on a short story of the same name by Annie Proulx, won three Academy Awards, though it lost the Best Picture award to Crash. The film, which spans 20 years, stars Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal as star-crossed lovers in the American West.

“I think it's a real shame – I think it's immature for one,” Ledger answered when asked to respond to people who called the film's relationship “disgusting.”

“I think it's an incredible shame that people go out of their way to voice their disgust or negative opinions about the way two people wish to love one another.”

“I also feel like [the film] will surprise people. It's obviously about two men in love and it's obviously 'gay-themed' and it's very easily labeled, but unfortunately people are very quick in life to label something they're uncomfortable with.”

"The pure fact of it is that it transcends a label: it's human. It's a story about two human beings, two souls that are in love.”

“Get over the fact it's two men – that's the point. … We're showing that love between two men is just as infectious and emotional and strong and pure as it is with heterosexual love.”

"And if you can't understand it, just don't go see the movie. It's okay. We don't care.”

"Deal with it in your own private life. Don't voice it out. We don't want to know,” he added.

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