West Point has hosted what is believed to be its first wedding of an active-duty same-sex couple.

According to The New York Times, Captain Daniel Hall, 30, and Captain Vincent Franchino, 26, exchanged vows last weekend at a ceremony held at the military academy. A Unitarian minister performed the ceremony at Cadet Chapel.

The military policy known as “don't ask, don't tell” prevented lesbian, gay and bisexual service members from revealing their sexual orientation. President Barack Obama signed legislation repealing the policy in 2010.

The men, both Apache helicopter pilots, met at West Point in 2009 and served under “don't ask, don't tell.”

“We’ve experienced everything from people feeling awkward around us to being called faggots while holding hands and walking down the street, stuff like that,” Franchino said. “But despite what we’ve been through, nothing was worse than having served during the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ years.”

“[We] couldn't tell the truth for fear of what would happen to us.”

“So we put it in our minds that we were never going to say we were gay, we were never going to get made fun of, and we were certainly never going to get kicked out of the Army,” he said.

“We were serving under a policy that was telling all of us – perfectly capable soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines – to lie about ourselves,” Franchino added.

Last year, President Donald Trump attempted to implement a policy prohibiting transgender troops from serving openly. Courts have so far blocked the ban from taking effect.