Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed on Friday that LGBT people have high rates of suicide because a lot of gay people are “meaner than hell to each other.”

Jones made his comment on his The Alex Jones Show radio program. On Friday's program, Jones hosted anti-LGBT activist Elizabeth Johnston – who has dubbed herself the “activist mommy.” Johnston was recently banned from Twitter for seven days for suggesting that the LGBT community was to blame for the suicide of a transgender teen.

“Clearly, transgenders need to get psychological and emotional counseling and it's not being offered to them because the LGBT community is enabling these young people and it's making them feel that they're entitled to their sex changes and their name changes,” she said on the program.

Jones responded by saying that the suicide rate among LGBT people is the result of gay people being “meaner than hell to each other.”

“The gay community – which, I don't hate anybody, on average diverse group of people – but, on average, they have the highest level of suicide globally of any group,” Jones said. “And it's not because folks are being mean to them. It's because that community is being mean to them.”

“And I've seen the studies. I've witnessed it for myself. I've had friends, family, neighbors that are gay. You go to their party, they're being meaner than hell to each other. I mean it's – a lot of gay people are really mean. And let's not lie about that, and let's not lie about how they treat each other.”

“And that lesbians have the highest level of abusing each other, and I'm not – I don't hate women that like women. The whole point is they don't want to discuss why they have the highest rates of drug use, suicide,” he added.

“This gender insanity junk” is “stupid,” Johnston said in her final comments.

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