Professional wrestler Mike Parrow said in a recent interview that his career has improved since he came out gay in December.

Parrow, 34, who is based in Orlando, Florida, made his comments during an appearance on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Parrow said that the decision to come out publicly wasn't easy.

“First, I was Catholic, so I went to Catholic school my whole life,” he said. “My mum was very Catholic, and there was never any talk or anything about being gay. It was just never brought up.”

An attempt to alter his sexuality through therapy made him realize it's not possible, he said.

“One of [the therapy's] premises is that it's a choice – it's not a choice. You're born this way. So right there, that's flawed philosophy. I'm not a doctor and I can't prove that, but I can tell you why I know [that conversion therapy does not work].”

Parrow explained that for him coming out has improved his career.

“There's no role models for athletes because athletes tend to come out after they retire because of fear, maybe, of rejection, fear of different pay, fear of people just not accepting them for who they are,” he said. “I've had the opposite. My career got better since I've come out, because I know who I am.”