The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has criticized President Donald Trump's letter to a group of LGBT conservatives in which he said that he supports LGBT equality.

Log Cabin Republicans is the nation's oldest group representing LGBT conservatives. In a letter to the group dated December 21, 2017 and printed on White House stationary, Trump congratulated the group on its 40th anniversary.

In the letter, Trump said that LGBT Americans are “equal under our Constitution” and that his administration would “work to ensure that all Americans live in a country where they feel safe and where their opportunities are limitless.”

Lucas Acosta, DNC director of LGBTQ Media, responded in a statement released on Twitter.

“Since day one of this administration, the LGBTQ community has been attacked, ostracized, and ignored,” Acosta wrote. “Donald Trump says one thing yet does another – he claims to support our equal protection under the law but then strips away rights and protections from LGBTQ Americans. Too many LGBTQ Americans are denied the full equality they deserve and despite their promises, the Trump administration is determined on rolling back progress. The Democratic Party will continue to fight these efforts to erode the rights of LGBTQ people and work to expand their freedom to work, live, and love.”

The letter surfaced just days before the administration announced that it would protect health care workers who refuse to treat patients based on the worker's religious objections. Trump is also working to remove transgender troops from the military and in June refused to issue an LGBT Pride proclamation.

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