Olympian Johnny Weir has explained why he didn't come out gay during his Olympic career.

The 33-year-old Weir confirmed he's gay in his 2011 autobiography Welcome to My World, which came out roughly a year after his last Olympic appearance. (Weir had hoped to compete in 2014 but was unable due to an injury.) Prior to his memoir, Weir, who has a colorful personality and wardrobe, ignored persistent rumors about his sexuality.

In a tweet Wednesday, Weir congratulated figure skater Adam Rippon and skier Gus Kenworthy, both of whom are openly gay and appear set to compete at next month's Winter Olympics.

"Happy that there are representatives of the LGBTQ community competing at the Olympic Games. Notably, @guskenworthy, @Adaripp & several more. I never 'came out' in sport because being gay was something born in me & had nothing to do with my skating. I never came out as white,” Weir tweeted.

Weir deleted the tweet after several users accused him of being “tone deaf,” then he announced that he would expand on this thoughts over several tweets.

“I am so thrilled that there are out representatives of the LGBTQ community competing at the Olympic Games. Notably @guskenworthy & @Adaripp among others. It is very brave for all of us to live our truths whether on the global stage or in our own homes,” Weir tweeted.

“Because of the attention on those athletes, many of you have written or tweeted because I am not referred to as 'out' at either of my Olympics and in the traditional sense I wasn't.”

“I wear my sexuality the same as I wear my sex or my skin color. It is something that simply is and something I was born into. I never 'came out' in sport because I didn’t imagine it as a great secret & it had nothing to do with my skating or my dreams.”

“I was extremely lucky to grow up in a family/community of acceptance and perhaps that’s why I don’t see my sexuality as something that needs addressing. I am forever indebted however, to the warriors who came before me that allow me to lead the life I do so openly.”

“Many of you got upset last night when I tried to finish that thought in one tweet so I thought it needed clarification. I’ve got a busy day ahead so excuse me while I lotion...,” he added.

Weir is headed to Pyeongchang, South Korea for the Winter Olympics as an NBC commentator on figure skating.