A gay couple has sued a printing company after they received “homophobic” pamphlets instead of the wedding programs they had ordered.

Stephen Heasley and Andrew Borg married in Pennsylvania in September, 2017.

The men filed their federal lawsuit in Massachusetts, where Netherlands-based Vistaprint has a regional headquarters.

The pamphlets they received warned that “Satan knows our flesh is weak. He preys upon our weaknesses to tempt us to sin. Satan can only influence us to want to sin. He cannot make us sin.”

The couple received the order on the day before they were set to marry.

“This was by far the most direct, personal and aggressive act of homophobia either of us has experience to date,” the men are quoted as saying by Yahoo News.

Their lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

Vistaprint said in a statement that it would “never discriminate against customers for their sexual orientation” and that it prided itself “on being a company that celebrates diversity.” The company added that the men received the wrong the order.