A woman in Iowa says she's planning a prayer service against the opening of gay marriage on Monday, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Gloria Villanueva is urging people to go to their local courthouse on Monday, the first day an Iowa Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage goes into effect, and pray at 7:45AM.

A second effort to disrupt gay nuptials in Iowa asks county recorders to deny marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples and break the law on Monday. At least one lawmaker, Senator Merlin Bartz, a Republican from Grafton, is facing possible ethics charges for abetting the illegal action.

Iowa imposes a three-day waiting period before a marriage can take place, but a judge may elect to waive the requirement, leaving the possibility that vows between gay couples might be exchanged as early as Monday.

Villanueva says she disagrees with the court's unanimous decision and is organizing the prayer service to have her voice heard. She plans to attend a prayer service at the Van Buren County courthouse in Keosauqua.