A possible Republican candidate for Iowa governor in 2010 has already unfurled his campaign slogan: I'll repeal gay marriage.

Bob Vander Plaats is placing his bet on the divisive issue. Unhappy with Republican Governor Chet Culver's response to an Iowa Supreme Court ruling issued in early April that legalized gay marriage, Vander Plaats has taken on the issue in hopes of riding it to the governor's mansion.

Last week, Vander Plaats demanded Culver immediately shut off gay marriage before it begins – April 27 – by issuing an executive order.

“I want this governor to issue an executive order that says there will be a stay on all same-sex marriages until the people of Iowa have the right to vote,” he said at an anti-gay marriage rally at the state Capitol. Then added he would issue the executive order if voted in.

And this week, new ads on the Internet ask viewers to join him if they do not believe the Iowa Supreme Court should define marriage for everyone. The ads were first seen on The Drudge Report.

Vander Plaats previously mounted two unsuccessful bids to become governor and strongly backed anti-gay Governor Mike Huckabee's 2008 presidential campaign.

The rapid posturing on the subject suggests that Iowans are likely to hear and read a lot about gay marriage in the coming election.