Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz made history in November when their characters on CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery shared the show's first male gay kiss.

On the series, Cruz plays medical officer Dr. Hugh Culber, who is involved in a romantic relationship with starfleet officer Lt. Paul Stamets (played by out actor Anthony Rapp), an expert on fungus.

In the show's fall finale, Stamets kisses Culber and promises to take him on a romantic date before he enters a chamber to navigate the ship's spore drive in an effort to escape the advancing Klingons. Culber suspects the jump might kill his lover.

Rapp told UK LGBT glossy Attitude that the kiss happened at “a good time.”

“We were very much aware that there had never been a male-on-male kiss in Star Trek before. We had conversations with the producers, asking if this was going to happen. A few episodes in we asked again, and they replied 'yes, absolutely,'” Rapp said.

"When it happened, it was a good time, it was earned and had a meaningful impact, and it was satisfying. If it had happened earlier, it probably wouldn't have had the same meaning.”

"I appreciated the relationship was revealed in subtle ways, it was part of the fabric of the ship. The Trek community has a vibrant LGBT+ segment to it, and people were really gratified that it was presented in a direct, uncomplicated and human way,” he added.

Cruz said that growing up he “wanted to see two men love each other and share a life [on TV], and have the same ups and downs that their heterosexual counterparts had.”