Internet bloggers are calling Quiznos' new gay oven ad “disturbing” and even pornographic.

Said one blogger at “The new Quiznos commercial is probably the closest we'll get to a gay porn flick in a mainstream sub shop ad.”

The new ad features a sexy male oven asking a male sandwich maker to “put it in me, Scott.” The oven is begging for a second go around with Quiznos' foot-long torpedo sub.

And when the Quiznos worker initially rejects the oven's proposition, he looks down at his crotch, ostensibly saying the box was too hot for him.

“It's either a tasteless exercise in homophobic humor or it's camp genius,” wrote Jim Edwards at, a blog dedicated to the ad biz.

“[Y]ou'd be hard-pressed to forget the point: That Quiznos has foot-long meat tubes just waiting to be jammed in the hotbox for you,” wrote David Griner at AdFreak, an Ad Week blog.

The spot was created by Quiznos' new ad agency, Nitro.