KSHB Channel 41 meteorologist Gary Lezak came out publicly in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

In his post, Lezak said that he has been out to family, friends and co-workers for decades.

“Although I have been out to myself for many years since I was a teenager, it wasn't until I was around 20 years old, in 1982, when I finally came out to my family and friends,” Lezak wrote. “I proceeded to live my life as a gay man, not necessarily out, but not totally hiding either.”

“I have always felt, from the time I realized I was gay, that you are born this way.”

He said that he was celebrating his 20th anniversary of meeting his partner, Andy Caraway, who worked as a secondary schoolteacher in the Kansas City area.

“We have grown a happy fulfilling life here in Kansas City,” he said.

Lezak added that he wanted to come out publicly to help young people struggling with their sexuality.

“Young people who may be struggling with their sexuality, and their parents who may be trying to process it all as well, I know it is not easy,” he wrote. “It can be quite scary. I am hoping to be a good role model for the LGBTQ community.”

Lezak told The Kansas City Star that response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“It's rather incredible watching and experiencing Kansas City have this support for this whole moment,” he said. I've been wanting to do this for a very, very long time.”