A University of Oklahoma regent who made homophobic remarks resigned on Thursday.

Kirk Humphreys made the comments last week during an appearance on a local political talk show.

Humphreys, also the former mayor of Oklahoma City, was on the program discussing allegations of sexual misconduct against Minnesota Senator Al Franken and President Donald Trump when he veered off the topic to compare gay people to pedophiles.

“Is homosexuality right or wrong? It's not relative, there's a right and wrong,” Humphreys said. “If it's okay, then it's okay for everybody and, quite frankly, it's okay for men to sleep with little boys.”

On Tuesday, Humphreys apologized but also rejected calls to step down.

According to News 9, Humphreys announced his resignation following a board member meeting to discuss his comments.

“Obviously, they felt that my presence would be a distraction and make their path more difficult,” Humphreys said.

Humphreys remains on the boards of Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) and John Rex Elementary.